Thursday, 18 March 2010

Final Destination 5 Movie

Final Destination V movie - FD5 MovieLooks like Warner Bros is hellbent on keeping the Final Destination movie franchise alive. Warner Bros head Alan Horn announced indeed at ShoWest that they're planning Final Destination 5.

The fourth installment was supposed to be the last one, but I guess they changed their mind following the box office success of FD4 which hit theaters last year in 3D, grossed $66 million domestically and made $180 million worldwide. I don't complain about this new Final Destination sequel, actually I'd be glad if they were even going up to Final Destination 10 or even more: I'm definitely fan of the Grim Reaper's creativity, and love to follow the victims in their desperate and vain attempts to outsmart death.

No official plot revealed yet, but as usual the Grim Reaper will find clever ways to harvest new rebellious souls. Final Destination 5 will obviously be in 3D.

We don't know the release date yet, but I think it will be released during teh second half of 2011.

Short update - Scriptwriter Eric Heisserer been hired to write the screenplay of Final Destination 5:

"I got the job with two words: LASIK surgery."
Scriptwriter Eric Heisserer

Get ready for Final Destination 5!